Life in the Wires: The CTheory Reader

Arthur and Marilouise Kroker, editors

Life in the Wires is about life today, from Al-Jazeera to eBay, from creatively understanding new media to analyzing how questions of gender, race, class and colonialism have been deeply transformed by networked society.

Life in the Wires, is in essence what Jean-Paul Sartre calls a “fused community” — a global intellectual community of theorists, musicians, artists, filmmakers, computer programmers, multimedia designers, architects, engineers, Soweto poets, Net activists; young and old; a multiplicity of race, class, gender, nation and disciplines, writing from universities, industry, media, the streets; the design and programming centers of IT, from anti-globalization street protests, from mediawatch, from the badlands of Texas, the streets of San Francisco, the hybrid cities of Cape Town, London, Toronto, New York, Paris, Helsinki, Singapore and Berlin.

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