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CTheory Live Interview: N. Katherine Hayles


N. Katherine Hayles in conversation with Arthur Kroker

N. Katherine Hayles is a noted postmodern literary critic and theorist as well as the author ofHow We Became Posthuman: Virtual Bodies in CyberneticsLiterature and Informatics which won the René Wellek Prize for the best book in literary theory for 1998-1999. Her most recent book is My Mother was a Computer: Digital Subjects and Literary Texts. She is currently the Hills Professor of Literature in English and Media Arts at the University of California Los Angeles, where she has taught since 1992.
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CTheory Live Interview: Stelarc


Stelarc in conversation with Arthur and Marilouise Kroker

Stelarc is a world renowned Australian-based performance artist whose work explores and extends the concept of the body and its relationship with technology. He is Visiting Professor, School of Art and Design, at the Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, UK.

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