Life After Postmodernism: Essays on Value and Culture

Life After Postmodernism

Edited and introduced by John Fekete

Life After Postmodernism is a pioneering text on the question of value in the postmodern scene. After a long hiatus in which discussions of value have been eclipsed by the death of the subject in post-structuralist theory, this collection of essays suggests that we are on the threshold of a new value debate in contemporary politics, aesthetics, and society. Rejecting the denial of value by Derrida and other representative of New French thought, this collection takes Nietzsche as its point of departure for putting evaluation back on the intellectual agenda and for a new synthesis—hyper-pragmatism—of liberalism and Marxism.

ISBN: 0-920393-98-5. Copyright (c) 1988 paper, 2011 ebook, New World Perspectives/CultureTexts Series.