Spasm: Virtual Reality, Android Music, Electric Flesh

Born Again Ideology

By Arthur Kroker

A theory-fiction about the crash world of virtual reality, from the cold sex of Madonna Mutant, the pure sex of Michael Jackson and the dead sex of Elvis to the technological fetishes of Silicon Valley. Written from the perspectives of cultural politics, music, photography, cinema and cyber-machine art, Spasm explores the ecstasy and fadeout of wired culture. Here, we suddenly find ourselves the inhabitants of a glittering, but vaguely menacing, technological galaxy where the machines finally begin to speak. Spasm is a book/CD to take along with you on your hacker journey of the electronic frontier.

Download the audio tracks for the accompanying CD (Spasm music composed by Steve Gibson).

ISBN: 0-920393-35-7. Copyright (c) 1993 paper, 2011 ebook, New World Perspectives, CultureTexts Series.