The Postmodern Scene: Excremental Culture and Hyper_Aesthetics

The Postmodern Scene

By Arthur Kroker and David Cook

The Postmodern Scene is a series of major theorizations about key artistic and intellectual tendencies in the postmodern condition. A variety of texts, ranging from Nietzsche’s The Will to Power, Serres’ Hermes, Baudrillard’s Precession of Simulacra, the visual art of Fischl, Hopper, Colville, and Magritte and recent performance art are used as probes of the human fate in the contemporary century. Here a theoretical reflection is viewed as a privileged artistic act: simultaneously a critical encounter with the “shock of the real” and a meditation in the form of a lament over the “intimations of deprival” which speak to us now of postmodern culture, art, and philosophy in ruins.

ISBN: 0-920393-44-6. Copyright (c) 1986, 1988 paper, 2011 ebook, New World Perspectives/CultureTexts Series.