The Possessed Individual: Technology and the French Postmodern

The Possessed Individual

By Arthur Kroker

The Possessed Individual rubs North America against contemporary French thought. What results is a dramatic reinterpretation of French theory as a prophetic analysis of the speed-life of the twenty-first century, and a critical rethinking of the politics and culture of the technological dynamo. This book is a hinge between the mirror of seduction that is culture today and the philosophical ruptures of French thought, from Sartre and Camus to Baudrillard and Virilio. And why the fascination with French thought? Because this discourse is a theoretical foreground to the political background of America: fractal thinkers in whose central images one finds the key power configurations of the American hologram. Read the French, therefore, to learn a language for thinking anew the empire of technology.

ISBN: 0-92039-90-X. Copyright (c) 1992 paper, 2011 ebook, New World Perspectives/CultureTexts Series.