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‘Because None of Us Are As Cruel As All of Us’: Anonymity and Subjectivation


Liam Mitchell

Liam Mitchell is a PhD candidate in Cultural, Social and Political Thought at the University of Victoria. His research concerns social media and boredom. He is the editor of a new graduate journal in political theory called Peninsula: A Journal of Relational Politics.
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Digital Resisto(e)rs: Information, Affect and Control


William Bogard

William Bogard is Deburgh Chair of Social Sciences at Whitman College and the author of The Simulation of Surveillance: Hypercontrol in Telematic Societies (Cambridge University Press, 1996). His writings on digital media theorize its potentials for embodied control and resistance. His recent work explores the relation of information and affect within the context of control societies, and the machinic integration of electronic and political resistance in circuits of networked capital. He is currently writing a paper about control surfaces.

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AR Futurology


Aya Walraven

Aya Walraven is a digital media and internet enthusiast who primarily works in video and web. She is an editorial assistant at CTheory and head of PACTAC’s Software Analysis Lab. A self-appointed internet-culture historian and archivist she observes and documents online behavior, particularly in Japanese youth and anonymous communities.

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Atmospheric Alienation, Carbon Tracking and Geo-Techno Agency


Anita Girvan

Anita Girvan is an interdisciplinary PhD student with a concentration in Cultural, Social, and Political Thought. Her PhD project focuses on the mediating role of the metaphor of the ‘carbon footprint’ in responses to climate change, and her broader interests are in the cultural and geo-material loops of language, narrative and ecology. She is also a Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS) Fellow at the University of Victoria.
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