Drone Warfare Seminar: Jackson 2bears


Jackson 2bears, University of Victoria

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Drone Warfare Seminar: Arthur Kroker


Arthur Kroker, University of Victoria

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Drone Warfare Seminar: Christopher Parsons and Adam Molnar


Christopher Parsons and Adam Molnar, University of Victoria

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Drone Warfare Seminar: Michael Dartnell


Michael Dartnell, Georgian College

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Drone Warfare Seminar: Anas Karzai


Anas Karzai, Laurentian University

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The Transparency of Aesthetics: Between Nonsense and Technology


Ted Hiebert

Professor Ted Hiebert discusses the aesthetics of transparency in the context of his new book, In Praise of Nonsense: Aesthetics, Uncertainty and Postmodern Identity. His lecture explores the codes and aesthetics of transparency, engaging questions of nonsense, perception and technology as ways to re-imagine the possibilities of the posthuman.

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A Phantasmal Media Approach to Empowerment, Identity, and Computation


D. Fox Harrell

Focusing on questions of social identity, empowerment and computation, D. Fox Harrell explores the emerging world of “phantasmal identities,” that moment when the meaning of social identity is complicated by its intersection with computing technologies including social networking, gaming, virtual worlds and more. Here, social identities are not addressed only through persistent issues of class, gender, sex, race, and ethnicity, but also through dynamic construction of social categories, body language, discourse, metaphorical thought, gesture, fashion, and so on. When these “real” identities meet their counterparts in the virtual world, the results are identities that are a sudden blend of cultural ideas and sensory imagination, namely the increasing development of “phantasmal identities.”

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Cancer Knowledge in the Plural: Communicability of Presence, Trans/Media and the Queer Biopolitics of Prosthetic Mobilities


Mary Bryson

Dr. Mary Bryson, Professor, Language and Literacy Education, Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia.

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Phantasms of an Insecurity State: Social Psychosis and the Imploding American Dream


Stephen Pfohl

Past-President of the American Society for the Study of Social Problems and an acclaimed social theorist, Professor Pfohl explores the fallout from the imploding American dream in a time of economic insecurity, political insurgency, and campaign politics.

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The Aesthetics of Digital Longing


Tim Murray

Professor Tim Murray, Director of the Society of the Humanities and curator of the Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media discusses “The Aesthetics of Digital Longing” by way of an evocative discussion of Rancière and Deleuze in the content of interactive installations. He illustrates his talk with a number of installations and sound pieces from Asia that are rarely discussed, in the interests of broadening the global perspective of what we think of as politics and art.

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