After the Drones


After the Drones

Text and voices: Arthur and Marilouise Kroker
Video art and sound: Jackson 2bears
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Drone Warfare Seminar: Jackson 2bears


Jackson 2bears, University of Victoria

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Code Drift & Life By Computer


Jackson 2bears and Marilouise Kroker

Jackson 2bears is a Kanien’kehaka (Mohawk) multimedia artist and Ph.D. candidate at the University of Victoria. His artworks have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions across Canada, most recently at: EM-Media (Calgary, AB), the Vancouver Art Gallery, Interaccess (Toronto, ON), SAW (Ottawa, ON), and the North American Indigenous Games (Cowichan, BC). He has also been exhibited internationally in media arts festivals and group exhibitions such as Digital Art Weeks (Zurich, Switzerland), Syncritism (Savannah, GA) and Altered States (Plymouth, UK). He was recently named the recipient of a Victor Martyn Lynch-Staunton Award from the Canada Council for the Arts.

Marilouise Kroker is Senior Research Scholar at the Pacific Center for Technology and Culture, University of Victoria. She is the author, with Arthur Kroker, of Hacking the Future (1996). She has co-edited and introduced numerous anthologies including Digital Delirium (1997), Body Invaders (1987), and Last Sex (1993) — all published by St Martin’s Press, as well as Critical Digital Studies: A Reader co-edited with Arthur Kroker (University of Toronto, 2008). She is the co-editor of the Digital Futures book series for the University of Toronto Press, as well as the peer-reviewed, electronic journal CTheory.
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The Technological Unconscious, Animism and the Uncanny


Jackson 2bears

This paper takes an interdisciplinary approach to the question of technology by examining points of convergence between Jungian psychoanalysis and Indigenous philosophy. The theoretical trajectory of the text will consider traditional Haudenosaunee cosmologies as a way of re-thinking contemporary questions about our digital present and future, in turn proposing possible means of engagement and resistance. Central to the text is a critical analysis of select writings on the topic of dreams and the unconscious by Carl Jung, while at the same time reflecting on traditional Indigenous teachings extracted from the Haudenosaunee theory of dreams. The end goal of the text is to develop an Indigenous theory of technology that is faithful to traditional teachings, while addressing the uncanny essence of digitality in contemporary times.
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Music in the Wires Performances


Performances by Paul Hegarty, Steve Gibson, Arthur and Marilouise Kroker, Jackson 2bears and Kristen Roos.

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