In the Beginning There Was and Will Have Been Noise


Serena Kataoka

The digital holds promise of a universal technical structure. Arts once distinguished by their media can all be prefigured in code, and so all the arts will have been rendered digital. Art with a discreet capital 01 is conceived. Whatever the medium, rendering code into form becomes the basic technical problem. Traces of code linger as [blips], for example, which some artists struggle to extract (to make the form seem as though it were ‘in the round’), and which others try to amplify (to use the form to show off or critique the digital model). The novelty of engaging with these problems distracts from how doing so produces Art that is ushering in modern civilization, again. Thinking in and through an origin story inscribed by Our Father, Harold Innis, we will develop a sense that the apparent distinction between Art and Politics is no longer and not yet operative. There is only noise (aural and graphical).
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